Accountability in Residence Conduct.

Residence Facilitators are upper-year students employed by the Residence Society who are responsible for deliberating on student Non-Academic Misconduct (NAM) cases in residence as an impartial third party. Residence Facilitators receive documentations from Dons and conduct interviews with students listed in the case notes in order to come to a decision on whether or not the student(s) should be found responsible using a balance of probabilities system. As a Residence Facilitator, upper year students are able to promote healthy residence community standards as well as advocate for students by understanding and applying ResRule policy.

  • Educate residents on the Residence Rules and the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful residence community;
  • Conduct meetings with students who have been documented as a part of a ResRules Incident Report;
  • Determine the level of responsibility of a student that has been documented in a ResRules Incident Report and assign appropriate sanctions (if any);
  • Assist the House President with the planning and staffing of building-wide events;
  • Advocate for students through impartial 
  • Sit on the building's House Council and take minutes


List of RFs and Contact Information

Leonard Hall

Melani Maheswaran,
Henry Chan,

McNeill House

Arjan Manku,

Morris Hall

Gabrielle Gillet,
Robyn Hansen,

Smith House

Jason Fahrmeyer,

Victoria Hall

Alastair Smiley,
Maddie Perrault,
Anny Tang,
Lei Liu,
Mykensie Kendrick,
Lucy Jun,

Waldron Tower

Evan Trus,
Suzan Ozgur,

Watts Hall

Yinka Oladosu,

Adelaide–Ban Righ

Victoria Lo,
Lin Kyi,

Brant House

Sophia Miao, 

Brockington House

Jake Roseman,

Chown Hall

Courney Bannerman,

Gordon House

Nishi Joseph,

Harkness Hall

Henry Jeong,

Jean Royce Hall

Matthew Ierino,
Jenny Lee,
Jeewon Han,

Leggett Hall

Linor Berezin,
Sarah Langlois,