The Constitution

The Residence Society Constitution defines the fundamental aspects of the society, including its membership, the composition of the Council, and the legislative and executive power of various aspects of the society. Click the link to see Constitution of The Residence Society.

The Bylaws

The Bylaws define the day to day operations of the society including the duties of the various executive positions, the authority of the House Councils, the standing committees, the basic financial policies and the elections rules. Click the link to see the Bylaws of The Residence Society (Feb, 11th, 2016).

Secondary Policies

The ResSoc maintains a list of secondary policies that supplement the existing bylaws and constitution. Examples include the Finance Policy which defines in greater detail the flow and handling of the Society’s assets and liabilities, and the Human Resources Policy which is followed whenever hiring takes place within the Society. Click the links below to view the policies.


Equpiment Rental Policy
Policy on Clothing and Merchandise
Policy on Communications and Media Relations 2013
Policy on Human Resources

Signage in Residence

Standard Filing Policy
The Residence Society Finance Policy 2013
Workplace Safety