President & CEO

Michael Coldwell

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and is responsible for all of its functions. The President represents all of the Society’s interests to external bodies such as the Alma Mater Society, Senate Residence Committee, and Queen's Residence Life. The President is also the direct supervisor of the rest of the executive board. The President serves a one year term, decided by an election every January.

I'm the President and CEO of the Residence Society for the 2018-19 year. I'm a fifth year student, completing a dual degree in Commerce and Life Science. Coming from Halifax, I came to Queen's knowing only a few people, and my time in residence set the foundation for the amazing years that I've had here. As a former Don and Lecturer TA, I'm always keen on creating a more engagement environment for students, and couldn't be more excited to take on the role of President with this same attitude. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, then please don't hesitate to reach out at the email below.

Contact Michael at president@ressoc.queensu.ca


Vice President of Judicial Affairs

Jenny Lee

The Vice President of Judicial Affairs (VPJA) is the direct supervisor of all Residence Facilitators across campus, and oversees all non-academic judicial initiatives in residence. The VPJA also oversees the StAR program, which seeks to reward residents that go above and beyond of what is expected in community living. Residents that seek to promote a safe and positive environment for all residents, and help to create a stronger community are considered for this award, and can be nominated to receive one by any student staff member. The VPJA, along with the VPRA and President is an elected position with a term length of one year. 

My name is Jenny Lee and I am the Vice President (Judicial Affairs) for this upcoming year.
I have been a Residence Facilitator for the past two years and I was the Human Resources Officer last year.
A couple of interesting facts about me:
- I am in the Concurrent Education Program and I will be starting teacher’s college in Queen’s this year.
- I am from Toronto, Ontario.
- I love binge watching Netflix during my free time.
- I enjoy trying new restaurants since I love food.
- As cliché as this sounds, I love traveling whenever I can!
Lastly, I’m very excited to get to know my staff throughout this year! :) 

Contact Jenny at vpja@ressoc.queensu.ca

Vice President of Residential Affairs

Matt Ierino

The Vice President of Residential Affairs (VPRA) is the direct supervisor of all House Presidents and is responsible for day-to-day internal operations of the Society. The VPRA is responsible for reviewing and approving events planned by the House President of each residence building. House Presidents submit to the VPRA Pre-Event Planning Forms (PEPFs) and Post-Activity Forms (PAFs) which must be approved.

The VPRA, along with the VPJA and President, is an elected position with a term length of one year.

Contact Matt at vpra@ressoc.queensu.ca

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Chief Financial Officer

Paul Semkowich

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing all assets and finances within the Society. The CFO sits on the executive board, chairs the Finance & Audit Committee (FAC), along with presenting and maintaining the annual budget of the Society, alongside the President. The CFO oversees the financial health of the Society, assesses income statements, and introducing new initiatives.

I'm pursuing a Master of Applied Science degree and professional engineering (P.Eng) licensure. My practical experiences include various industrial water, pulp & paper, and mining applications across Eastern Canada. Throughout my undergraduate degree I volunteered extensively as a Medical First Responder with Queen’s First Aid Campus Response Team, and as a member of the Concrete Canoe Design Team. Currently I am involved as a St. John Ambulance Loyalist Branch board director, Standards Council of Canada committee member, and Four Directions Centre mentor. I enjoy being involved in my local community, learning about history, and am an avid outdoorsman.

Contact Paul at finance@ressoc.queensu.ca


Human Resources Officer

Adam Gage

The Human Resources Officer (HRO) is responsible for employee recruitment, training and development, the enforcement of disciplinary policy, and conflict resolution of ResSoc staff.

I am very excited to be back with The Residence Society in the role of HRO this year. Having been involved with ResSoc since my first day at Queen’s, I have demonstrated my passion for the first-year experience through acting as Floor Representative at Gord-Brock in 2015-2016, and House President at McNeill House in 2016-2017. Returning from an exchange in the south-west of England last winter I am thrilled to be back on campus for my final year at Queen’s. Within the greater Queen’s community, I have been involved with the Hospitality Services Food Advisory Committee, the Smith Career Advancement Centre, and the Commerce Society where I hold the role of Corporate Relations Officer. If spare time allows, you can find me enjoying a run along our beautiful waterfront, grabbing a coffee at Goodes or with my nose in a good book!

Contact Adam at humanresources@ressoc.queensu.ca


Chief Marketing Officer

Lin Kyi

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is responsible for all marketing and promotional functions of the Residence Society. These responsibilities include: external sponsorship and internal marketing of society-wide events, branding, managing the ResSoc website and social media accounts, and matters of public interest. The CMO sits on the sponsorship committee as a non-voting member and advisor.

I’m a fourth-year Psychology student at Queen’s, and this is my third year working for ResSoc (my first two were as a Residence Facilitator). I’m excited for this position and look forward to trying out new things this year! At Queen’s, I also work as a research assistant at a psychology research lab, and have been involved with Queen’s Dance Club, Soul Food, Queen’s Debating Union, and Queen’s Southeast Asian Nations. In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning to play the ocarina, and watercolour painting.

Contact Lin at marketing@ressoc.queensu.ca


The Events Coordinator is responsible for the planning and execution of residence-wide events, such as the annual trip to the Wolfe Island corn maze. The Events Coordinator also manages staff socials and volunteer appreciation initiatives.

Hi team!

My name is Jake and this is my 3rd year with ResSoc. In the past, I’ve worked for the Society as a Residence Facilitator (RF) and ResSoc President. This year I’m coming back as Events Coordinator and I’m looking forward to throwing some great events and fun socials!

A bit about me: I’m a 4th year drama student, I love being active, and I used to do voices for kids tv shows.

Can’t wait to see you all during training!

Contact Jake at events@ressoc.queensu.ca

Events Coordinator

Jake Roseman


The Speaker of the Assembly regulates and runs the bi-monthly General Assembly meetings. The speaker also sits on the executive board, providing the executive team with unbiased advice, recommendations and suggestions for Society operations.

The Chief Electoral Officer oversees all Residence Society elections and resolves election disputes in accordance with the ResSoc Bylaws.

Speaker of the Assembly &
Chief Electoral