How you can get involved in residence!

  • become a floor representative
    • duties: advocate for your floor during House Council meetings with the House President, Residence Facilitator, senior don, and other floor reps of your building; help plan and attend house-wide events
  • become a first-year intern
    • duties: to be updated in September 2018
  • attend events hosted by ResSoc, your House President, and don
    • this is a great way to meet new people living in your community and try something new! Ever been to a corn maze? How about pumpkin carving, or a hiking trip with your building? These are the types of events you'll get to experience through ResSoc and your dons! 

Useful on-campus resources

  • your don: a peer who has been trained to listen and help you out with questions about living in residence, mental health, adjusting to first year, etc. 
  • Student Wellness Services: see a physician, nurse, or mental health counsellor here
  • Residence Outreach Counsellors: professional staff who you can talk to for mental health issues
    • Mary Green – Outreach Counsellor for Adelaide Hall, Ban Righ, Chown Hall, Graduate Residence (JDUC), Leggett Hall, McNeill House, Morris Hall, Waldron Tower, and Watts Hall. Tel: 613.533.6000 x 78330,
    • Freeman Woolnough – Outreach Counsellor for Brant Hall, Gordon/Brockington Houses, Harkness Hall, Jean Royce Hall, Leonard Hall, Smith House, and Victoria Hall. Tel: 613.533.6000 x 78034,
  • Peer Support Centre: student volunteers who have been trained to provide you with support and advice for anything
  • Walkhome: 2 fellow Queen's students will walk you back home/wherever you need so that you feel safe
  • Campus Observation Room (COR): when you or someone else has had too much to drink, take them here (note the opening hours)
  • Hospitality Services: see dining hall menus, contact them if you have a special diet, or have any other concerns about your meal plan
  • Queen's First Aid (QFA): student-run organization that will provide first-aid for fellow students
  • Campus Security: for on-campus emergencies and situations