How to get games from the front desk:

  1. Look at our list of board games available at each front desk and choose which game you want to play

  2. Go to a front desk near you

  3. The desk rep will ask you for your Queen's email, name, and will keep your student card until you return the game.

  4. Enjoy playing the game!

  5. Please return the game to that front desk within 12 hours (board games) or 24 hours (video games/consoles/equipment). Students will get their student cards back when they return the game.

    1. Until further notice, video games/consoles/equipment can only be rented out by residence staff at the front desks. Please ask your residence staff if you want to borrow a video game/console.

  6. Refer to our Equipment Rental Policy for more details.

Click on a front desk below to see the list of games:

Jean Royce Hall
Victoria Hall
Leggett Hall
Watts Hall
Waldron Tower
Student Life Centre (JDUC)