House Presidents are elected representatives who plan events and programs within their residence and manage the building's budget and finances. House Presidents are also advocates who discuss and promote the interests of residents living in their building during weekly house councils. These house councils are run by the House President and attended by a group of elected residents, known as floor representatives. House Presidents are expected to:

  • Provide vision, leadership, support, advice and guidance as well as day-to-day supervision for ResSoc staff/floor
    representatives within their area of responsibility.
  • Chair meetings of the House Council and provide direction and leadership for the house council in executing its
    mandate under the Constitution.
  • Represent their constituent residents by actively preparing for, participating in, and voting at all meetings of the
    Residence Society General Assembly and by sitting on committees of the ResSoc, Alma Mater Society, or other
    partner organizations, as requested by the President of the Residence Society.
  • Work with the House Council to communicate ResSoc business to their constituents.
  • Liaise directly with local residence staff (e.g. cleaning/maintenance/Residence Life staff etc.) to ensure that needs
    of their constituents are being met.
  • Meet with the Vice-President (Residence Affairs) on a regular basis and promptly communicate the unfulfilled
    needs and/or concerns of their constituent residents.
  • Bring together residents of the house for house-wide meetings from time to time as outlined in the ResSoc
  • Act as a positive role model for staff and students. 

Residence Society House Presidents of 2017-2018

Leonard Hall
Jack Yang

McNeill House
Edwin Morelli

Morris Hall
Kori Speck

Smith House
Natasha Sharma

Victoria Hall
Gabby Sweeney-Tobin

Waldron Tower
Sarah Lu

Watts Hall
Mo Haider

Adelaide-Ban Righ
Amaanat Gill

Brant House
Shannon Edie

Chown Hall
Lillian Maye

Gordon-Brockington House
Jane Mao

Graduate (JDUC)
Ryan Small

Harkness Hall
Melody Wise

Jean Royce Hall
Bronwyn Vaisey
Lily Summers

Leggett Hall
Jacklyn Barrios