How many positions are there?

  • 27.

How many RFs are there per building?

  • Anywhere from 1-6; RFs/building is proportionate to the number of students in a building.

What’s the time commitment?

  • About 5h/week on average, usually less. Weekly mandatory residence staff building meeting (1h per week or less on evenings).

  • Maintain an active presence within the residence community outside of formal working hours

How do you determine which building I will be placed in?

  • Building placements are random, but we ask for RFs’ top 3 building preferences.

What skills would make me a good RF?

  • As an RF, you get to investigate cases that were documented by Residence Dons. You listen to the side of the story of the student, along with the Don’s case notes, and come to a decision as to who is to be found responsible or not responsible, and what their sanctions will be.

  • This job relies on good decision making, interview skills, and being concise and to the point. There is a good amount of “detective work”, but good communication is key.

What’s the training like?

  • You will be required to move into your residence rooms two weeks before Orientation Week. All food would be covered during this time, and you will be trained fully for the position. Kingston’s really nice during the summer!

Can I still be a Gael/Cape/Boss etc.

Yes*. They are handled on a case-by-case basis, but we have always been able to provide schedule accommodations and allow this to happen.


*FRECs are dyed purple and thus cannot be in residence during this time. Plants are fine, but the timeframe of being dyed should not conflict during training dates. If you plan on being a FREC you can mention it in your application and it can be discussed further.