Secretary and Chief Returning Officer

Amaanat Gill

The ResSoc Secretary facilitates the smooth operation of the rules and policies of the Residence Society as they guide the direction of the society as a whole. The Secretary oversees all matters concerning ResSoc General Assembly, elections and referenda. Reporting to the Vice President (Residence Affairs), you will be responsible for producing the Minutes/Agenda of the General Assembly of The Residence Society, organizing the ResSoc General Assembly and acting as the Chief Returning Officer. The General Assembly meets on Sunday nights from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm every two weeks. As the General Assembly is the highest decision making body of the ResSoc, accurate and detailed minutes are necessary to ensure accountability and transparency.

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Speaker of the Assembly &
Chief Electoral


The Speaker of the Assembly regulates and runs the bi-monthly General Assembly meetings. The speaker also sits on the executive board, providing the executive team with unbiased advice, recommendations and suggestions for Society operations.

The Chief Electoral Officer oversees all Residence Society elections and resolves election disputes in accordance with the ResSoc Bylaws.

The Summer Coordinator is a core executive that is hired for the summer to plan for the upcoming year. The Summer Coordinator's role is vital to ResSoc's smooth functioning during the year. The role entails planning Orientation Week events, preparing August training sessions for ResSoc staff, writing staff manuals, and working with professional staff to ensure the Society is prepared for the school year!

Summer Coordinator

Jenny Lee