With around 4600 students living in Residence, the ResSoc recognizes that our collective actions can make a big difference in local sustainability efforts, as well as inspire a generation of young people to continue making eco-friendly choices in their future lives outside residence. The ResSoc Sustainability Committee is dedicated to facilitating the greening of residences and its residents. The ResSoc Sustainability Committee aims to: 

"Green" The ResSoc via sustainability auditing and recommending changes to the executive staff.

"Green" Residence buildings via auditing the facilities and working closely with Physical Plant Services and Residence Administration to help make improvements.

Leave each resident that passes through its halls a little bit greener than when they first arrived, through a combination of peer education and student volunteerism.

The ResSoc Sustainability Office's "Green Team" offers a variety of opportunities to get involved in this exciting, global environmental movement: 

Composting team – promote the use of vermicomposters in residence, and possibly help look after them

Recycling team – Educate, help and encourage students to reuse and recycle

Anti-Food-Wastage team – help raise awareness of residence food wastage and help reduce it!

Cleanup team – help keep our campus clean and act as reminders for other students not to litter.

On-call volunteer team – the perfect opportunity for those too busy to commit to weekly activities, serving as substitutes for members of the above 4 teams as well as helping with one-time sustainability initiatives.

ResSoc Sustainability Committee members – help the sustainability coordinator plan and manage the day-to-day activities of the Sustainability Office

If you are interested in any of the above initiatives, please email the Sustainability Chair at sustainability@ressoc.queensu.ca. We are always looking for new volunteers

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