Residence Floor Representative

Duties: Floor representatives (floor reps) are advocates for their residence floor. This can include bringing up issues or concerns the floor is experiencing, things the floor would like to see happening in residence, etc. to their House President's attention and help come up with solutions so the issue can be solved. In addition, they help the House President(s) and Resident Facilitator(s) in their building plan and execute building-wide events. 

How many positions are available: There will be at least one floor rep per residence floor. Click here for more information.

Time commitment: Being a floor rep will take up approximately 2 hours a month. There is a House Council meeting every three weeks that all floor reps must attend (takes about thirty minutes), in addition to helping out during your building's monthly house event (the amount of time you spend helping out will be decided between you and your House President). The floor rep position will run from September 2018 until March 2019. 

*If there are any academic or personal conflicts that make you unable to help out during the house event or attend House Council, let your House President know and they can accommodate you.

What you get out of being a floor rep: Free food during House Council and events, get event planning experience, become a peer advocate, and meet new people in your building! 

Contact Matt Ierino at for more information about volunteering for ResSoc!

*Application packages will come out September 2018, after move-in day. Your House President will distribute paper copies during move-in week introductions to every floor, and a link will be attached here.