A House President is responsible for the planning and execution of events within their residence building. The position requires skills in project management and budgeting house resources to produce successful and engaging community events. The House President also advocates for student interests by running biweekly house council meetings which are comprised of elected building residents, known as floor representatives. Together, the House President and floor representatives devise events and services that best serve the building community.

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House President

Residence Facilitator

Residence Facilitators are responsible for handling student Non-Academic Misconduct cases in residence. As a third party mediator, Residence Facilitators receive Don documentations and interview documented students to come to a decision based on a balance of probabilities. With this position, you will be able to act as a student advocate by understanding the cases brought forward and applying residence policy.

Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing all assets and finances within the Society. The CFO sits on the executive board, chairs the Finance & Audit Committee (FAC), along with presenting and maintaining the annual budget of the Society, alongside the President. The CFO oversees over $1MM in assets, the financial health of the Society, assesses income statements, and leads new initiatives. 

This position is now filled.

Human Resources Officer

The Human Resources Officer (HRO) is responsible for overall staff management, staff conduct, conflict resolution, and hiring for all ResSoc positions.

This position is now filled.

Chief Marketing Officer

The Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for all external relationships of the Residence Society, managing social media outlets, overseeing the Society's services and maintaining awareness of the Society's events within Queen's University.The Marketing Officer will introduce new outreach initiatives, to boost overall ResSoc engagement with its constituents.

This position is now filled. 

The Events Coordinator is responsible for creating residence-wide events for over 4500 students. The Events Coordinator will work closely with the Marketing Coordinator, and will also plans staff socials and ResSoc Staff team meetings.

This position is now filled. 

Events Coordinator

The Speaker of the Assembly regulates and runs the bi-monthly General Assembly meetings. The Speaker also sits on the executive board, providing the executive team with unbiased advice, recommendations and suggestions for Society operations.

The Chief Electoral Officer oversees all Residence Society elections and has the role to resolve election disputes in compliance with the ResSoc Bylaws.

This position is now filled. 

Speaker and Chief Electoral Officer

The scribe attends the biweekly General Assembly of the Residence Society and is responsible for recording the minutes of the meeting. Scribe’s are able to gain experience in both the Robert’s Rules of Order, and in effective note taking in a formal setting.

Applicants should send a brief description of their past typing experience to president@ressoc.queensu.ca along with a screenshot of a completed typing test from the website https://www.speedtypingonline.com/typing-test

This position is now filled.