1. Advocate for Our Members


At the local level, House Presidents and executives meet up at General Assembly and attend committee meetings to discuss current events happening in Queen's residences. Members of the public are welcome to join ResSoc's General Assembly meetings! Date, time, and location will be organized in September 2018. 

At the university level, executives also meet up with different university bodies to discuss ways to improve the residence experience for members of ResSoc.

The purpose of these meetings is to discuss issues happening in residence, and to come up with solutions to these problems so that the student experience in residence is as positive as it can be.

2. Residence-Wide and House-Wide Events

The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning residence-wide events for ResSoc members, such as the annual Wolfe Island corn maze trip and the Montreal Trip. There are 2 residence-wide events planned per semester. Events change every year, so stay tuned to see what events are coming up! "Like" the ResSoc Facebook page for contests, opportunities, and residence-wide events!

House Presidents are responsible for planning events in their respective buildings. There will be one event per month for each residence, so make sure you follow your building's Facebook page (or look for posters in your building) for updates on events.

3. Peer-Based Conduct in Residence

Residence Facilitators (RFs), employed by ResSoc, are responsible for the peer-based conduct system in residence. We believe that a peer-based system has many benefits to residents of ResSoc, and gives students an opportunity to feel more comfortable explaining their side of the story for an incident they were documented for.