History of The Residence Society

The Residence Society Preamble: 

"We the students in residence at Queen’s University herein establish a self-governing Society to represent and promote the general welfare of its members, provide a system of non-academic discipline in residence, deliver programs and services in collective benefit of all members, and to work in cooperation with the staff and administration of Queen’s University Residences to generally facilitate the integration of its members into the academic and social life of the Queen’s and Kingston communities. Further instructions for elements of this Constitution can be found in ResSoc Bylaws and Policy manuals."


The Residence Society (ResSoc) has a proud history of student representation at Queen’s University. ResSoc has been a key player in student advocacy and Non-Academic Misconduct.

ResSoc came out of two student-run governments in Queen's residences, the Main Campus Residence Council (MCRC) and the Jean Royce Hall Council (JRHC), which were initially created to accommodate for the introduction of co-ed residences at Queen’s University. MCRC was intended to serve main campus residents and JHRC was intended to serve students on West Campus. The society was then empowered with the responsibility of Non-Academic Misconduct in residence and student advocacy. In 2009, MCRC became incorporated, which legitimized the organization and allowed for more autonomy with respect to Queen’s University.

In 2013, MCRC and JHRC amalgamated to create The Residence Society. This was because:

  1. The societies wanted their to be equal job opportunities on Main and West Campus
  2. The societies wanted to have consistent Non-Academic Misconduct Procedures through the Residence Facilitator Roles
  3. The society wanted to have a unified voice at Queen’s University

In 2015, The Residence Society underwent a brand redesign. A modern logo was created and is currently being used throughout the organization.